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Sony vows legal action against hackers and pirates

SCEA has declared that they will "actively pursue" legal action against hackers that attempt to crack the PS3 anti-piracy software. This announcement arrives just after recent news that hackers were close to completely cracking the PS3 anti-piracy software found in firmware versions 1.10 and 1.11. Their progress on the crack would allow pirated PS3 games to boot, but they still were not playable. The homebrew community is also still waiting in the wings, as even this latest attempt still prevents any type of homebrew gaming on the PS3 console.

Obviously, SCEA hopes to stalwart further progress and deter hackers from completely subverting the anti-piracy measures completely, because saying "please" just doesn't carry the same weight as legal action. Dave Karraker, SCEA spokesperson says, "the best we can do as a company, is to make our security that much stronger and aggressively pursue legal action against anyone caught trying to use an exploit in an illegal manner."

The pirates who want to burn and run copied PS3 disks? Yeah, they're bad. Bad, bad. Spankings all around kind of bad. And if you're thinking of doing it, you shouldn't. Go find someone to deliver a spanking for even thinking such thoughts. On the homebrew front, we're kind of indifferent. Now, we're stepping out on a very thin limb here, but maybe, just maybe if Sony was a little bit more organized in lining up a steady stream of content for thirsting PS3 owners, we wouldn't have hackers so interested in cracking the PS3 for homebrew. What do you think?

PS3 add-on allows full HD resolution for Blu-ray on DVI

For those gaming on popular computer monitors with non-HDCP DVI inputs, a gadget has been released that allows a workaround of HDCP protocols, allowing Blu-ray movies to play at full resolution on these displays. If you're a bit confused about the protocols of HDCP and how it all works, you are not alone. High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) allows content providers to prevent the full resolution of products (Blu-ray or HD-DVD) by crippling the resolution on displays where the HDCP handshake fails. Technically, all parts of the chain need to be HDCP-compliant in order for the full resolution to process. For an HDMI connection, HDCP would spring to life when an HDMI-DVI adaptor is introduced to a non-HDCP compliant DVI port, forcing the resolution to 540p at best.

The introduction of such a gadget is a welcome addition, allowing users to view the content they paid for, even though the mere fact consumers have to revert to such methods is downright infuriating. Thankfully, with ICT not being an issue until 2010, PS3 owners can enjoy Blu-ray content via HDMI, analog (component) and now, all forms of DVI. Lets hope the ICT mess gets figured out sooner rather than later, so we can get back to awaiting the latest Blu-ray releases without the fear of having high-def viewing pulled out from under us.

[Update: Edited post to point out this gadget is most useful for non-HDCP compliant DVI inputs. HDCP DVI inputs will not limit the resolution to 540p as suggested. Thanks!]

[Via Kotaku]

The SIXAXIS robot spells certain doom...

It's only a matter of time before the PS3 pulls a Skynet on us. With millions of PS3 networked together, we're only months away from Folding@Home becoming self-aware, bringing an end to civilization as we know it. That's when SIXAXIS robots will walk the earth, destroying everything in their path. Want proof? Watch the video above! Very cool ... well except for that whole end of the human race part.

[Via Engadget]

So you want to change those game backgrounds, do ya?

So, some of you might be wondering why those crazy screenshots pop up whenever you highlight a game on your XMB (that's Cross Media Bar for the uninitiated). You know, where the music plays or whatever? Seems like somebody had a little fun with their PS3, hacking into those backgrounds and giving them a little more... substance. But how did he do it? Linux? Some clever manipulation of the controls? A trick of the trade, no doubt. Check out the video, tell us what you think. Perhaps you could even take a humorous picture of yourself in a bathtub, playing with a large amount of rubber ducks and use that as the image that pops up. That would be funlarious.

[Good work, Adam!]

Xecuter PS3 HDXT HDD adapter debuts...

Our hacker friends over a PS3scene got their mittens on a production sample of Team Xecuter's first foray into the wonderful world of PS3 modding. Their initial entry into the market isn't terribly exciting, but it is useful and functional.

"The Xecuter PS3 HDXT is a caddy type frame that plugs into the PS3 internally where the 2.5" Sata drive would normally slot. You then clip on the matching faceplate and bingo you now have a clean external Sata connection. No frills and no fuss. You can now add any hard drive you wish and connect it any way you wish. We have also designed a simple but cost effective Sata to IDE convertor."

At $20 for the adapter, this is a cheap and elegant solution to your future PS3 storage issues. Who is getting one?

Introducing the PS360 controller! I want one!


As I've mentioned on a couple of occasions, I'm not a huge fan of the SIXAXIS controller. Sure, it's attractive and it's functional... but, it's lacking in a couple of important areas. First, it is a bit on the light side. Second, it is not as "ergonomic" as it could be. And, third, I prefer the off-axis thumb-stick layout much better. Yeah, all of this is completely subjective... but the bottom-line is that I prefer the Xbox 360 controller to the new SIXAXIS (not that the X360 control doesn't have it's own issues).

Well, it appears that some PS3 owners agree that the SIXAXIS is not perfect and are paying big bucks to freelance uber-modders to balance both form and function to create the world's first PS360 contoller. It's got the classic candy shell of a 360, but the caramel-filled center of a PS3. I might have to order up a couple of this bad-boys. I would only make one modification: paint the whole thing piano gloss black. Awesome. Here's the step-by-step creation of the controller. And here's a clip of the thing in action:

Blu-ray on the PS3, but there are no discs involved!

cutesy photo courtest of Engadget!Well, this is a completely impractical, if not roundabout way to watch Blu-ray movies on a Blu-ray player (in this case, our sexy lil' thang called the PlayStation 3... or big ol' thang if you want to be more literal) without the horrible inconvenience of actually loading a disc. This is done by converting the file into a regular MPEG via a PC and a copy of Linux (apparently).

There's way too much technical, programming mumbo jumbo for this ignorant blogger to even attempt describing the process for you. We'd like to refer you over to the Engadget article that has a great video tacked onto it that'll show you the process if you're that interested in trying this out. Some people have said this doesn't work -- I say it doesn't matter. I'd rather not clog my external drives with giant movie files, thank you very much.

[via big sis, Engadget]

Blu-ray compromised?

blu-rayHot on the heels of some big HD-DVD cracking news, comes word of the inevitable: Blu-ray AACS encryption has been bypassed. My new warez hero, Janvitos, has built on the work of HD-DVD pioneer, Muslix64, to peer deep into the secret world of Blu-ray.

According to our big-sister site, Engadget, Blu-ray was compromised using the HD-DVD plaintext attack technique. The encryption keys were apparently grabbed via a raw data file and no drive.

Not to worry, the BD+ protection layer hasn't been compromised. You won't be buying burned Blu-ray movies in the back alley just yet.

[Via Engadget]

Tired of the SIXAXIS? Why not swap it with a 360 controller?

So, we already know someone hacked into the PS3 and made it so the Wiimote could be used as a sort of pointing device... kind of like how it is on the Wii itself. The Playstation 3 isn't going to stop there, however. Someone else has hacked up their system and got the "almighty" 360 controller working on it. If you've got Linux on your PS3, you can most certainly use the wired version of the 360 controller. Its functionality has been tested with snes9x (an emulation program that kicks bum) and Doom and passes with flying colors.

If you want to install the driver onto your PS3, the install file is here. Let us know if you get it running.

[via PS3-Hacks]

PS3 gets a new color

It's not officially sanctioned by Sony, but the PS3 is about to get another aftermarket overhaul courtesey of those fine folks at PCN. First it was white, now it's red. Next up is silver. What other colors of the rainbow will PCN grace the PS3 with? Personally, we'd like to see them take a two-tone route with the mighty monolith, mixing a metallic grey on the top and a metallic red on the bottom half.

[Via Joystiq]

PS3 utterly hacked?!

ps3 open

Has the PS3 been completely compromised? According to several reports, two things may have happened that could put a damper on Sony's New Year plans...

First, according to Maxconsole, a warez group claims to have discovered an exploit that allows the playing of burned PS3 games. They've alledgedly released their first playable rip, Motorstorm. Speculation is that the team uncovered and deciphered the software's encryption keys within the first few sectors of each game. Time will tell if all of this holds true, but, as several people have pointed out, Blu-ray burners and blanks aren't exactly cheap. And downloading gigs of unerypted Blu-ray game content isn't a perfect process for the less patient.

Second, according to our very own Joystiq, the encryption technology behind both Blu-ray and HD-DVD movies, AACS, has been cracked circumvented. With certain HD-DVD movie keys deciphered and HD-DVD movies being actively "archived," how long before the techniques are applied to Blu-ray movies? Not long is many people's guess.

What does this mean, if anything, for the PS3? The studios? And for gamers? Stay tuned.

[Update: See this update on the issue at our sister site, Xbox360 Fanboy, for additional information on the fine line between "cracked" and "circumvented." Whatever way you slice it, HD-DVD movies are being watched and burned independent of the security precautions currently in place.]

Windows Media Center extended onto PS3

Media Center

We all know that Sony has big plans to make the PS3 the heart of your home theater experience, but they haven't exactly been bending over backwards to to leverage the streaming media functions of Windows Media Center. And that's where 3rd party software provider, Red Kawa, comes in:

"PS3 Media Center X allows you to stream FLV videos from the internet, or you can create your own and stream them from your Windows, Mac, or Linux desktop. You can also stream MP3s and view photos stored on your computer. The current release is an alpha, and known issues include choppy video and problems playing photos as a slideshow."

Expect to see a lot more of this type of software given the surprising openness of Sony's latest platform.

[Via PVRwire]

Importing PS3 store content from Japan and Hong Kong

Ps3 store

Ok, "import" is probably not the correct term to use here. What we're really talking about is getting access to the Japan or Hong Kong "based" PS3 stores. Yeah, those are the versions of the store that have some cool stuff that the rest of the world technically doesn't... stuff like Tekken 5, downloadable content for Ridge Racer and cool trailers for upcoming games.
Of course, this is just for informational purposes. PS3Fanboy in no way condones you using your hard-earned $600 console to access the content you want and are willing to pay for. While Sony is a global company, the PS3 is a region-free gaming device and they are not blocking your ability to do some transatlantic shopping, this could potentially violate some broad and poorly-worded user agreement.

According to our "sources," it's incredibly easy to get set up on the Japanese or Hong Kong PS3 stores. Just follow these 5 easy steps...
  1. Create a new user
  2. While logged in under your new user, sign up for a new Playstation Network account
  3. During registration, set your country/region to Hong Kong or Japan
  4. Complete the rest of the process as normal
  5. If you want to buy stuff, you'll need to enter in your CC info too (you might get a fraud warning from your CC company for charges coming from Hong Kong or Japan)
That's it. Now you have the knowledge... use it wisely.

[Thanks to various "sources"]

Forget about that Bluetooth PS3 remote

The biggest "design flaw" I've experienced with the PS3 is the lack of an IR remote/receiver to control the mighty monolith. It irks me to no end that Sony felt the need to release only a Bluetooth remote (appearing in stores now). It sort of defeats the purpose of having a fancy universal remote to control all of your home theater components. Certainly the world's greatest HD movie player deserves better. Thanks to Engadget -- via Remote Central -- we can again live the "one remote to control them all" dream.

"You'll need a PSX/PS2 Controller-to-USB adapter as well as an original Sony DVD remote for the PS2 (model SCPH-10172) with external IR receiver (model SCPH-10160)."

It might be a bit of an eyesore and it will take some expense and effort, but it can be done! Certainly Sony must have realized that many home theater enthusiasts would be utilizing the PS3's advanced multi-media capabilities as an integral piece of their home theater. How hard would it have been to include an IR receiver on the PS3? Shame on you, Sony.

[Via Engadget]

Even more stuff to download from the PS-Store

Is PS-Store too difficult to say? Sound like a greeting card company, just a little bit? It's easier to type than PlayStation Store, so it's sticking here. Join the bandwagon if you'd like, just make sure you can play an instrument in a moving vehicle. What are we talking about? Oh, stuff to download. As some of you may know by now, if you've surfed the PS-Store in the last day or so, another classic PlayStation title has popped up for your PSP-enjoyment. That title is MediEvil, which is a lot of fun for sure, but it's still just one measly game. More, please! Also, we can't remember for the life of us, but was that Resistance demo always there? If not, that's new.

Here's a little tip if you want to download some other stuff not available in the American stores. Make a new account and say you're in Hong Kong. Bam! New stuff in the PS-Store, but it's in english! There's a lot of GTHD video clips, a demo for Ridge Racer 7, and the Japanese PSP titles we've loved so much more than our own. Enjoy that.

[thanks, Colin!]

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