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PS3 Poll Police: Is losing backwards compatibility that painful?

The Poll Police have had their phones ringing off the hooks this week, what with the unveiling of the controversial 40GB PS3 SKU. They've gathered information, checked out technical specifications and researched pricing estimations, but they can't get a lead on the decision by Sony. Why would this happen? How can this happen? These questions are too big for one Poll Police Force to handle, so they need your help in deciphering the response to the decision in removing backwards compatibility. PlayStation One games still work, apparently, but PS2 support is getting the axe. So, the Poll Police need your help: is this a big deal, or overblown and ridiculous?

Is losing backwards compatibility now such a big deal?
Of course it is!
No, it's not.
Wait, what? Are you serious? Where have I been? free polls

We have to take a step back from all the technical information and board the logic train to see things from a little farther away. First off, the PS3 has been out long enough to begin amassing its own game library. Secondly, if you already own a PS3, you're an early adopter and have backwards compatibility ... good for you, this poll doesn't apply. If the PS3 is going to be your first Sony console, why would you care about backwards compatibility? If this is not your first Sony console, you already have something that plays old games -- what's the problem? Shelf space? Fourth, if you don't have an old Sony console but want the PS3 and collect old games, keep in mind this is the cheap version of the PS3. The slim PS2's are practically being given away, so if you really want to go buy old games, the combined price is essentially the same as if you were an early adopter of the PS3. This isn't to say removing backwards compatibility is a good move, it's definitely confusing and pointless, but for a lot of us, there's no real justification to all the hate being poured out on Sony. This is the data the Poll Police compiled from witnesses, so take it as you will. Last week's results are after the jump.

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PS3 Poll Police: FFXIII and MGS4 getting overkilled by media?

The Poll Police just finished munching on some donuts, then realized not much happened this week following the Tokyo Game Show. They did catch wind of a news story so absolutely ludicrous they had to investigate, but got hungry. So you see where they are and why they need your help. For ages, the exclusivity of Final Fantasy XIII and Metal Gear Solid 4 has come under constant scrutiny by sources ranging from a single forum member starting a flaming rumor to moderately respected websites reporting on obscure quotes or vague interpretations. Though both Square Enix and Konami/Kojima have stated multiple times these games are on the PS3 alone, these rumors simply will not die. Our poll is thus: once and for all, are these games exclusive?
Once and for all: FFXIII and MGS4, exclusive or not?
It's been said many times they are, so they must be. It's common sense.
Heck no! Everybody lies until the game is released, then it's multiplatform!
Honestly, I'm sick of these rumors and hope they die out. free polls
We shall see what you decide, though an extra decision was tossed in there because it's also a very important one. Speaking of important decisions, you must face another one right now: do you want to know the results of last week's poll? Check that out after the jump.

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PS3 Poll Police: How did you feel about TGS '07?

The Poll Police have pulled out of their duties in Tokyo, as the Tokyo Game Show winds down. We believe it was T.S. Eliot who once said "This is the way Tokyo Game Show ends; not with a bang, but a whimper." Well, if Eliot were a gamer, we're sure that'd be true. Anyhow, we've got our opinions about the show for this year, but we're curious about what you thought. So, our poll for this week is quite simple: what impression did you take away from TGS?
TGS '07: What did you think?
I thought it was a pretty exciting show.
It was neither here nor there on my radar.
I thought it was sort of tame.
It was bad. free polls
We don't know if it was the plethora of trailers and moderate dearth of playables, or the delay of Home, or the already-common-knowledge announcement of the DualShock 3, but TGS was missing a bang this year. Our personal opinion -- don't vote just to agree. However, you should check out our results from last week's poll after the jump. Technically, most of you should have been pleased.

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PS3 Poll Police: Tokyo Game Showdown edition

This week, the Poll Police are laying out the heavy-hitting games that are going to try to grab your attention at the Tokyo Game Show. There are a ton of games on the horizon, but a lot of them aren't the ones that everybody is talking about. Based on our comments throughout the last month or so, the Poll Police have compiled a list, by no means exhaustive, of the games that generate the most buzz. Now then, which of these games do you want to see the most of, more than anything else in the gaming world:
What PS3 game demands your undivided attention at TGS?
It's gotta be Final Fantasy XIII (any of them)
Metal Gear Solid 4, no contest
Haze -- it's another exclusive, after all
White Knight Story
Silent Hill 5
Resident Evil 5
Killzone 2 free polls
Yep, we're capping it at ten. Not interested in any of those? Then what exactly are you looking forward to most of all? As we said, this isn't an exhaustive list, but judging from our readers' comments, these are the biggest titles coming to TGS. We don't like the "none" option, since that's sort of like giving up or refusing to decide. Be brave, volunteers of the Poll Police, as your decision means everything to us! Just look at last week's poll to see what we mean.

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PS3 Poll Police: Your TGS Predictions

The Tokyo Game Show is right around the corner and with it, some undoubtedly large announcements by Sony and the other console giants. Not to be rude, but the Poll Police aren't interested in the others at the moment -- they need your help in deciphering the big announcements to come and it's going to take two weeks! This week the Poll Police have compiled what they feel would be the biggest announcements Sony could belt out during the show, but your duty does not end at casting a vote this week. Should you feel another announcement is bigger and/or better, leave a comment informing us so next week we can pitch those suggestions against this week's most talked about prediction. Without further ado, the Poll Police's ideas.
Which of these could be Sony's biggest announcement at TGS?
A new, rumbling Sixaxis
Firmware 2.00 features (custom soundtracks, etc)
The lineup of NCSoft MMO's
Home gets true release date
PlayStation Store redesign free polls
We omitted most game-related announcements (Home isn't really a "game", per se) because there's the possibility of so very many. Those five are the ones most likely to get a mention, the Poll Police feel, but they are by no means all big announcements to come -- that's where you come in. Vote on these, let us know if you feel something has been horribly overlooked and next week, we'll have a battle royale amongst the biggest possible TGS announcements that may or may not occur. If you're curious about last week's poll, check the results after the jump to see how many of your friends have been Warhawk'd.

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PS3 Poll Police: Have you gotten Warhawk'd yet?

The Poll Police have stumbled across a new epidemic sweeping the globe, originating from a game called Warhawk. This disease, tentatively titled Warhawk'd, is a degenerative disease that causes those affected to sink into their couch in euphoric bliss, idling away time playing the PS3's greatest downloadable online experience. With that in mind, the Poll Police need your help once again to measure the breadth of this affliction -- have you been Warhawk'd? That is, have you purchased Warhawk?
Have you gotten Warhawk?
Yes, I'm totally Warhawk'd.
Not yet, but soon.
I don't really plan on it. free polls
The staff of PS3 and PSP Fanboy have all been taken down by this crushing disease and they couldn't be happier. They're curious to your status, even. What is everyone's rank? When you cast your vote, leave a comment telling everyone your rank to show who is in the "later stages" of the Warhawk'd epidemic. If you're curious about last week's poll results, they are after the jump as usual.

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PS3 Poll Police: Are PS3 titles overshadowing one another?

The poll police make yet another triumphant return this week, despite the rainstorms plaguing their office. Even though they lost power and internet for most of the day, they worked by candlelight, researching files and folders of recent rumors and PS3-related gatherings until once more, the poll police call upon you for help. This week, the poll regards three upcoming titles that have all been hyped up since before the launch of the PlayStation 3: Warhawk, Lair, and Heavenly Sword. These titles are all coming out with little time between them, so now we ask: which one of these games is getting eclipsed by the others?
What upcoming PS3 title is getting eclipsed?
Heavenly Sword free polls
Don't read too much into the poll, rather, listen to the poll police's logic (good or not). Since Warhawk is coming out first, some may pass it by since they plan to purchase the latter two anyway and can't stomach the investment for two or all three. Some might pass on Lair because they're still playing Warhawk, but will pick up Heavenly Sword since it comes out a bit later. Even still, Heavenly Sword may get ignored because it comes out last in the trilogy of releases. Some people might not want to buy it, as they're still enjoying the other two. This is all assuming more than one of these games interests you, but if not, just think abstractly about which of these titles is most likely to get overshadowed. Last week's poll results are after the jump.

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PS3 Poll Police: Is Ratchet and Clank a hit or miss for you?

The sirens echo off the walls of your living room, bedroom, or wherever you stow away your computer and/or television setup as the Poll Police roll in once again to question all your motives. This week we've heard a lot about the upcoming Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction, but we've forgotten one major issue that needs to be resolved: how many of you care? Platformers are generally excellent games but have been cut down to very few successful franchises. This week, the Poll Police want to know how you feel about the game.
How important is Ratchet and Clank to you?
It's easily a day one purchase.
I'll pick it up eventually.
I may try it out first.
It's just not my type of game. free polls
If you're curious about last week's poll results, go ahead and click through to see if your fellow readers take game reviews into consideration with their purchases. As a whole, negative reviews for videogames will ultimately affect how the game sells, but it's only pertinent to those in a very small market anymore. Even so, people read reviews in the first place because they want to know if the game is worth the effort to play.

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PS3 Poll Police: Is Lair still worth it or not?

The Poll Police have heard rumors that Lair isn't getting reviewed well in a magazine or two and have started a new investigation to see whether or not word-of-mouth from a handful of reviewers will bring substantial harm to a game's sales or not. The title, mixing dragons and death in what should be a heavy-metal-like winning combination, has been talked up over the past year and a half to be the first title to truly showcase the PS3's ability as well as new and original IPs to come. So, the Poll Police charge you with answering the following poll: despite reviews, would you still pick up Lair?

Is Lair still worth it if reviews are mediocre?
Reviews be damned, I want my Lair!
Lair be damned, I take reviews to heart! free polls

We'll still be getting the title so we can bring you our own review of the game, but the effect reviews have on game sales is always a popular debate. The only true way to decide if a game is right for you is to play it yourself, after all. In any case, feel free to check out the answers to last week's poll about Warhawk. The results may actually surprise you.

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PS3 Poll Police: Will you get the retail version of Warhawk or download?

The Poll Police are back on track and updating their data files on the information that's most pertinent to their ongoing investigation. What are they investigating? We're sorry -- that's classified information. But to reach their conclusion, they need your help yet again. You may recall recently the debate over the mysterious pricing of the downloadable version of upcoming multiplayer game Warhawk. Even more importantly, you may remember the announcement of said mysterious price -- $40 for the downloadable version, $60 for the retail. The question this week is simple: which are you more likely to purchase? Recall the retail version comes with a bluetooth wireless headset, behind the scenes videos and a physical Blu-ray disc, while the downloadable version is just the game.
Will you buy the retail or downloadable version of Warhawk?
I'll buy the retail version.
I'll just download it. free polls
That's that. If you want to see the results from last week's less serious, but still very important question for our investigation, go ahead and take the jump.

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PS3 Poll Police: What is your gaming snack of choice?

The Poll Police had to take a stop and pick up a few dozen donuts today, so they're a little late this time around. Surely you won't hold it against them? Since they've only got limited time, they insist to dive right into the poll for this week. The question for this week is a little odd, but it's a fantastic way to gauge what kind of gamer you truly are. Are you ready to succumb to the strong arm of the internet poll law?
Whilst gaming, what is your snack of choice?
Just liquids -- solids are a bit messy.
Chips, pretzels
Cookies, desserts
Sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs
TV Dinners
Full course meals
I don't eat while playing. free polls
We at PS3 Fanboy, of course, eat full course meals while we balance the controller on one knee and work both sides of the controller with one hand. It's very hard, but what can we say? We're that hardcore. If you're curious about last week's poll results, check them out after the jump.

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PS3 Poll Police: Will the PS3 shine brighter in '07 or '08?

Poll Police here, searching desperately for a good question to ask our avid interviewees. With the Summer gaming season coming to a close, our hearts beat in anticipation for the fall and holiday titles -- fifteen exclusives, if we recall the E3 speech correctly. With that in mind, there hasn't been much comparison between consoles for 2008. We know that Sony has a lot planned -- exclusives such as Final Fantasy XIII may not even hit until 2009 -- but we haven't heard much future-talk from our friends at Nintendo or Microsoft. This leads us to our poll question for this week: Will the PlayStation 3 shine brighter this holiday season with its lush lineup of exclusive titles, or will it burst forth a corona of excellence from its bright core in 2008, casting shadows on the competition? As you can see, metaphors to the sun are popular today.
Will the PS3 shine brightest in '07 or in '08?
'07 is Sony's shining star!
'08 will burn Sony's lamp the brightest! free polls
If you're curious about last week's poll results, take the jump and see what you, the readers of PS3 Fanboy, have decided to personally dub the rumble-enabled Sixaxis controller. It's not an official naming, but this is what most of you will probably jokingly refer to the controller in our comments section, or to friends who hold the controller in awe of its fantastic new technological capacity.

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PS3 Poll Police: Name the new Sixaxis controller!

It's over. E3 is finished. Sony, you had a good showing, but we're still unsure of something. The Poll Police have sifted through their archives and have come up with five potential namings of their latest criminal -- the new Sixaxis controller featuring Immersion's TouchSense technology. It's fancy rumble, really. Not like the last-gen off-kilter weight hammers. With that in mind, the Poll Police are asking you, the readers, to pinpoint which of these five is most likely to enter your home. That is, what name would you most like to see emblazoned on the new contoller?
What would you call the new rumble controller?
Dual Shock 3
VibrAxis free polls
We'll inform you of your results next week. All of the above names are excellent candidates and we're quite interested to see which comes out the victor, though we've got it nailed down to two, ourselves. After you've voted, why not check out last week's poll result? It's right after the jump.

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PS3 Poll Police: What hardware announcement will wait for TGS?

Welcome to the final installment of the Pre-E3 (or PrE-3) Poll Police. This week, we want to ask all our readers what they think, hardware-wise, Sony is most likely not to unveil at E3. That is, what announcement will they keep up their sleeves to steal the show at the Tokyo Game Show? We've got a few ideas and you're going to vote on them!
What announcement will Sony keep for TGS?
The price cut.
The Rumbling Sixaxis.
A larger hard-drive SKU.
Video-on-demand features.
A complete PS Store redesign.
XMB access during games, movies, etc.
Different color PS3's! free polls
We appreciate your votes and are completely aware there could be something else lurking in the shadows from Sony regarding the PS3. These are fairly common and popular hearsay, though, so we'll stick to these options. If you have a better idea, stick it in the comments section. Be sure to take the jump and check out the results from last week's poll!

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PS3 Poll Police: What do you not expect at E3? [update 1]

[Update: Poll has changed, so please cast your votes again if you voted on the old version!]

It's already Sunday again? We suppose we have to put our voting uniforms back on and arrest a moment of your time to vote once more. This week marks the second part of our E3 interrogation. Our question this time is more of a large "what if ... " scenario, but we like to think about surprises. What would surprise you most at E3? What kind of announcement would drive you crazy? This week will be software and next week we'll focus on surprise hardware announcements. Yes, that's right, part two of the E3 questionnaire is two parts long, too.
What software would surprise you at E3?
God of War 3
A new game from Team ICO
Silent Hill 5
Resident Evil 5
Jak and Daxter
Sly Cooper 4
Soul Calibur 4
Rise of the Argonauts
Final Fantasy VII Remake
Zone of the Enders 3
Other (specify) free polls
There are an infinite number of games that simply should not be at E3, but those are some of the biggest ones we'd consider a surprise. Most of those aren't even slated for release, keeping a TBA 2008 stamp just for show.
If you want to see the results from last week's poll, check it out after the jump. As always, thanks for your vote!

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